How Do You Describe a Relationship?


Humans are hardwired to form Relationships. This evolved biological need dictates our behavior in them, and we need to nourish and nurture them on a regular basis. But sometimes the language surrounding them can be toxic, and it’s vital to learn the correct terminology. Here are some basic terms that describe relationships. Understanding them will make it easier to communicate about your relationship. Read on to learn more about them! How Do You Describe a Relationship?

Relationships are a part of being a human being

Every human being seeks relationships. These relationships may be close and intimate, or they may be distant and challenging. Either way, these relationships form the basis of our social support system and are essential to our physical and mental health. Here’s why they’re so important:

They can be toxic

Toxic relationships are characterized by the exact opposite of healthy ones. They have abusive behavior, lack empathy, and control over their partners. Ultimately, a toxic relationship causes you to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. If you try to set boundaries, toxic people may react with anger and hostility. This is a recipe for disaster. Here are some ways to identify if a relationship is toxic:

Toxic people constantly criticize others. Chronically angry people cannot be supportive partners and aren’t healthy. These people should be avoided, if possible. Stop trying to figure out why they are so angry and critical. Instead, focus on improving yourself. You might have to learn to live without their company for a while. Don’t try to change them; they may not have the self-awareness to do so.