The Field of Science and Technology Studies


Technology can be a great help to humanity, but it can also be a terrible threat. For example, technology helps businesses automate tasks, which increases production. Examples include temperature sensors in bakery rooms and accounting software. These innovations can help us live more comfortable lives and have more money in our pockets. However, we must be careful not to misuse technology.


Science and technology studies is a broad interdisciplinary field that explores the creation and development of science and technology, their uses, and their consequences in historical, cultural, and social contexts. It includes a wide range of topics, including biotechnology, space exploration, and genetic engineering. The field also aims to foster dialogue between different disciplines to develop new knowledge and understanding. This is especially important in our technologically advanced world. For instance, science and technology studies can examine the history of evolution and the development of genetics, whereas history and sociology examine the development of medical science and biotechnology.

Science and technology are closely related fields, and both can benefit from each other. Scientific knowledge enables the development of technology, and technology advances scientific discoveries. Examples of technology developments include medical instruments, nuclear technologies, radar systems, and space science. Technology developments also stimulate basic research in science. For example, the development of medical devices, satellites, and computers relies on the use of basic research in physics and engineering.

Both science and technology require rigorous intellectual inquiry and reflection. To be effective, students should engage in research that explores the social and cultural contexts of science and technology. They should also develop individual interests that involve research, policy problems, or applications. Ultimately, students should be able to integrate the various strands of their studies to develop a cohesive thesis.


The field of engineering is moving away from its blue-collar craft tradition and toward a more professional and white-collar one. Many of these traditional crafts have been decimated by technology and the field is now dominated by engineering professionals. This phenomenon has created a continuum of workers at construction sites.

In order to prepare students for a successful career in the engineering field, students should acquire an appropriate education. Engineering technology programs range from two to three years, and often have as many classroom hours as a 4-year degree program. In addition to the knowledge of science and mathematics, students are also exposed to hands-on engineering experiences.

One of the most popular fields in engineering today is computer engineering, which combines software and hardware. People in this field often work for big companies such as apple. This type of engineering is essentially hands-on, and involves building electronics and testing software. In addition to computer programming, engineers often help design and test new products.

Engineering students who wish to become an engineer can choose from several concentrations. Biomedical engineering is an option for students interested in working in health care settings. Biomedical engineering technologists work with medical professionals in a team environment. Students interested in a more technical career can choose a concentration in Construction. Choosing the right concentration depends on the field.