What Is News?


News is an account of something that has happened in the world or a locality. This is usually a matter of great public interest and can be reported in newspapers, radio, television or the internet.

The news is important to people because it gives them information about events and developments that affect their lives. This can be anything from weather forecasts to train timings to government policies and changes. It is the job of the media to report only what is important and of public interest. It is also the job of the media to educate its readers, listeners or viewers and provide them with entertainment. The entertainment can come from music and drama programs on radio or from cartoons and crossword puzzles in newspapers.

To be newsworthy, an event must be unusual or significant and have a bearing on the community at large. It must also be new or have been reported for the first time. For example, if someone misses the bus to school and has to walk all the way there, it is unlikely to make the news – the event is not unusual or significant. However, if that same person were to stumble across a litter of baby tigers abandoned in a cardboard box on their walk and took them to an animal shelter, it would likely be newsworthy.

A news article begins with a headline that grabs the attention of the reader. This is known as the lede in journalism jargon and must be short, catchy and emotional. The lede should also contain the most important facts about the story. The main body of the news article is where the bulk of the information is contained. The most important facts are given in the first paragraph and each subsequent paragraph adds less information.

Having a good understanding of the different aspects of news is crucial for writers of newspaper articles. It will help them to understand what to look for when researching the topic of an article and how to write it so that it will appeal to its intended audience.

While it may be relatively easy to shut down a print or broadcast media outlet, it is much more difficult to stop the spread of news through the internet. This has allowed independent journalists to report on happenings in countries where they are not welcome and has led to the rise of the so-called citizen journalist. This is a good thing because the public needs to be informed even when governments try to silence the press. The fact is, only the truth can change the world and the truth is best served with a free press. This is why the freedom of the press is a vital aspect to any democracy. This also allows the press to hold politicians accountable for their actions and expose corruption. In many ways, a free press is the only check on power. Without it, all that is left is propaganda.